Fantasia Mushroom Crochet Pattern


Fantasia Mushroom Crochet Pattern

fantasia mushroom

Inspired by the animated film Fantasia, the dancing mushroom pattern is a great project for beginning crocheters fantasia mushroom

Although you will need to learn to crochet chain and single stitches, this funky design is ideal for beginners. 

It also requires some sewing and embroidery skills. It comes as a five-page PDF file, so you can make a complete version in no time. 

The pattern is not intended to be a tutorial; it is merely a guide to a beautiful, colorful decoration.

The most famous version of the movie features a dancing mushroom from the "Nutcracker Suite" sequence in Fantasia. 

This mushroom is commonly known as Hop Low, as its cap and stem are Mustard Yellow. The underside of the stem is brown, and is the location of the hidden Mickey. The pin is decorated with a light sandblasted texture and a single post. The back of the mushroom contains a printed Disney and China logo and a framed mat opening.

Another classic Fantasia image is the Chinese Dancers. These mushrooms are actually sassy mushrooms. During the "Nutcracker Suite," 

a mushroom performs a series of dances, and the actors appear to be enjoying themselves. The dancing mushroom is a popular motif in the Nutcracker Suite, and in Fantasia, the Chinese Dancers are known as mushrooms. Its beige and red caps have different textured patterns than the other characters.

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